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High Efficiency Polyester Dust Collector Cartridge

High Efficiency Polyester Dust Collector Cartridge

SS Filters dust filter cartridges are widely used in industrial dust applications. The media used is imported spun bond polyester which offers 99.99% filter efficiency. Wide pleat spacing provides excellent particle release. The media has high resistance to chemical erosion. These cartridges are suitable for very fine dust type in welding fumes, mechanical processing, pharmaceutical and construction industry and sticky dust collections.



  • 100% spun bond polyester.
  • Captures more air pollutants for a safe and clean work environment.
  • High efficiency due to open pleat spacing and surface filtration.
  • Enhanced pulse jet cleaning, dust is ejected from deep within the pleats.
  • Hard finish material gives wide and smooth pleat spacing.
  • Saves Money and Time, less maintenance and longer shelf life.


MOC 100% Spun bond polyester
Temperature 93°C- 135°C
Inner core Perforated Zinc Galvanized Metal (rust free) gives good air flow
Top Electrochemical or galvanized plates / SS
Bottom Electrochemical or galvanized plates / SS
Sizes Different sizes as per customer requirement

  • Cement industry
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical and metal industry
  • Paints and Pigment industry
  • Powder coating