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Inkjet Capsule Filters

Inkjet Capsule Filters

SS Filters Inkjet Capsules have been developed to offer a high level of protection for the print heads in inkjet printing machines. The success of the Ink Jet capsule is attributed to its compact design and excellent filtration performance.

SS Capsule filters are self contained, ready to use, disposable filtration devices that contain a mini cartridge filter element sealed inside a polypropylene housing. These filters use well proven, high-performance cellulosic filter media. The special design assures highest packing density of the filter media per unit volume resulting in a very compact cartridge offering long service life.



  • All polypropylene construction (support layers and housing), with no binding agents,leading to low extractables.
  • Compatible with many solvents/chemicals.
  • Variety of filter media available to suit application.
  • Wide range of connectors to suit your printer.
  • Consistent, reliable printing performance with optimum printhead protection.
  • Low hold up volume.


Filter Media PP, PTFE, PES, NN
Pore Size 1, 5 microns
Max Operating Pressure 5.5 Kg
Max Operating temperature 50° Celsius
Sealing Thermally sealed

  • Filter media: PP/ PTFE/ PES/ NN
  • Support media: Polypropylene
  • MOC of capsule filter: Polypropylene

  • Filtration of inks