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Polyethersulfone Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

Polyethersulfone Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

Polyethersulfone (PES) absolute rated membrane cartridges are inherently hydrophilic and contain no added surfactants or wetting agents that could alter the taste in beer, wine, bottle water & other beverages. PES absolute filters are sterile filters offering superior flow characteristics, high contaminant holding capacity and consistent removal of particles and micro organisms. The cartridges are 100% integrity tested to assure reliability.


Applications of PES membrane filters include buffer filtration, formulations and filling, media filtration & product filtration. Most buffer filtrations in a biotechnological process are used to control the level of bioburden in the overall process. Sterilising grade PES filters are especially designed to fulfill the needs of the bioburden process without loosing process safety. Media and product filtration includes sterile filtration of media in a fermentation process. PES cartridges are especially designed to prevent infections in costly fermentation processes. In biopharmaceutical processes, PES membranes are recommended to be used in stages before storage tanks or in late stage processes.


  • Provide broad chemical compatibility.
  • Extremely high flow rates at low pressure drops.
  • PES is permanently hydrophilic membrane.
  • Cost effective for a variety of aqueous based liquids.
  • No adhesives, binders or surfactants.
  • Reduces downtime & improves throughput.
  • Meets ASTM bacterial validation standards.


Micron Rating 0.2 ,0.45, 0.65 µ
Length 5", 10" , 20" , 30" , 40"
Inner Dia Approx. 28 mm
Outer Dia Approx. 65-69 mm
Effective surface area per 10" element 7.5 sq. feet (0.65 msq.)
Max operating temperature 80˚C
Sterilization Autoclave
Hot water
121˚C, 30 min, 10 times
80˚C, 30 min, 30 times
Max differential pressure 5.5 bar (80 psi)@ 21˚C
Min. bubble point 0.45 Microns ≥24 psi (1.65 bar)
Min. bubble point 0.65 Microns ≥17 psi (1.17 bar)

  • Filter media: 100% PES hydrophilic membrane
  • Support media: Polypropylene fiber
  • MOC: Polypropylene
  • 'O' Ring/ Gaskets: Silicone/ EPDM/ Viton

  • Double open end type (DOE Type)
  • Code 7S (226 'O' Ring design/ Bayonet or fin)
  • Code 3S (222 'O' Ring design/ Bayonet or fin)

End point filtration in variety of processes like

  • Bottle and process water
  • Beer, wine & beverages
  • Serum & blood based products
  • Cell & tissue culture media
  • Diagnostics
  • Microbiological growth media
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccine preparation
  • Opthalmics
  • Oral & topical applications
  • Protein solutions
  • Inks, dyes & lacquers
  • Acid, base & solvent filtration