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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

Activated carbon block type cartridge is made from coconut-shell. Activated carbon is molded together with synthetic fiber binder via a wet production method. Activated Carbon block cartridge is well suited for removal of organic tastes, odors, chlorine & sediments. They are ideal for filtration of potable water. Cartridges are made from FDA approved materials.


Generally speaking these type of cartridge are useful to remove odors and chlorine in up to 50,000 liter of water. Adsorption capacity is therefore unaffected by its molding system because the surface of activated carbon can maintain high level of chlorine reduction and high level of chemical absorption capacity.


  • Reduces taste & odor.
  • Organic impurity removal.
  • Jumbo size also available in 10" & 20".


Micron Rating 5, 10µ
MOC Activated Carbon
Length 10", 20", 30"
Inner Dia 28mm
Outer Dia 63mm, 110m (Jumbo)
O-ring material EPDM, Silicone, Viton
Max Operating temperature:
Sterilization Autoclave Hot water
60˚ C 121˚C, 30 min, 10 times
80˚C, 30 min, 30 times
Configuration Double Open End (DOE)

  • Residential & Food Service
  • Water Purification
  • Beverages
  • Oil removal
  • Clarity improvement