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Compressed Air Or Gas Filter

Compressed Air Or Gas Filter

SS Filters compressed air/ gas filter is designed for compressed air, natural gas, speciality gases, CNG/NGV (compressed natural gas/ natural gas vehicles) and air/oil filter applications.

Our series of elements deliver the correct air quality for your application requirements. These compressed air filters remove solid particles, oils & vapours that are introduced from the machinery as well as humidity from the air.


Our filters provide high purity/ quality compressed air to your process tools & applications. They also safeguard the point of use tools.


  • Compressed air or gas enters the outer core of the cartridge & flows inward through the extended filter media.
  • Flow is from the outside to the inside of the cartridge.
  • Particulate matter gets entrapped in the filter media.
  • Oil and vapor are also removed extensively as the gas/ air flows through the filter media.

Since the working pressures may be as high as 5000 psi, it is recommended that inner core should be thick and well supported so as to prevent collapse of the cartridge.


  • High performance filter media for effective particulate removal.
  • Stainless steel construction makes it possible to work in corrosive environments.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Pleated media offering longer filter life and more filter area.
  • Filter elements can work under high pressures up to 5000 psi or higher.

  • Filtration of compressed air
  • Filtration of compressed natural gas