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47 mm Pressure Filter Holder

47 mm Pressure Filter Holder

Stainless steel 47 mm Filter holder is designed for ultra cleaning or sterilizing of gases or liquids under high or low pressure .The liquid is filtered through a 47mm disc filter of appropriate pore size by passing it through pressure pump. Gas can be directly passed through inlet.

The holders can be autoclaved with the membrane installed. A prefilter placed upstream of the membrane filter will prevent premature clogging when processing thick liquids.


Filter holder consists of:

  • Holder Base.
  • Filter support screen.
  • Filter sealing Silicon O-ring.
  • Top Cap.
  • Locking ring with 2 arms.


  • Female threaded locking nuts designed to allow filter changes without removing holder from the systems.
  • Stainless screen support filter in both direction of flow thus preventing filter damage if reverse flow or pressure surges occur.
  • Unit may be operated up to 100 Kg/cm2.
  • Silicon O-Ring compatible with many aggressive liquids & gases.
  • Top cap specially designed at 45˚ angle along the edge so that silicon 'O' ring is held tightly below to enable leak-free filtration.


MOC SS 316
Filter Size 47mm dia
Prefilter size 42 mm dia
Filtration area 12.5 cm2
Pressure 3.5 Kg/cm2 differential to 10Kg/ cm2 differential
Connections Inlet ¼ " NPTF Out let ¼ "NPTM
Dimension Dia 65mm, length 50 mm

  • 47 mm Holder can be used for in line microbiological sampling.
  • Can be installed for point of use filtration on filling machines
  • Sterilizing or ultracleaning of liquids or gases under high / low pressure.