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Pressure Filter Holders with Reservior

Pressure Filter Holders with Reservior

Stainless steel pressure filter holders with reservoirs may be used for pilot scale productions where filtration of about 1-150 litres of liquid may be required at a time.

Generally, for smaller batches of about 1-10 litres, a 47mm or a 90 mm dia plate is used, for 10-20 litres, a 142mm dia plate is used & for little larger batches, a 293 mm dia plate may be used.



  • Very good filtration system for pilot scale production or R&D work.
  • Separate ports for adding sample and pressurizing reservoir.
  • Membrane sealed by triclover clamp.
  • Easy change of membrane filter.
  • Holder design minimizes resistance and maximises flow rate.
  • Available with accessory back pressure support screen for intermittent fill operations.
  • Max. Pressure differential: 7 Kg/ cm2 (100 psi).
  • Hose barb adaptors and pressure relief valve provided.
  • Ball valves can be provided for all sizes.


S.No Model Type Stainless steel Filtration area cm2 Capacity of reservoir Connections
1 SSPFH 47 SS 304/ 316 13.5 cm2 200 ml ¼" BSP
2 SSPFH 90 SS 304/ 316 55 cm2 750 ml Inlet ¼" BSP Outlet ¼" BSP
3 SSPFH 142 SS 304/ 316 145 cm2 1.5 litres Inlet ¼" BSP Outlet ¼" BSP
4 SSPFH 293 SS 304/ 316 650 cm2 4-5 litres Inlet ¼" BSP Outlet ¼" BSP

  • Filter small batches of liquids without a separate pressure dispensing vessel.
  • Sterilise and ultraclean.
  • Perform flow decay studies for pilot studies.