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Nylon 66 membrane filter paper

Nylon 66 membrane filter paper

Nylon 66 membrane filters are absolute filters with well defined maximum pore size. They are used as final filters. These filters are non fiber releasing & double layered membranes. They offer wide chemical compatibility. Are compatible with many solvents & alkali solutions. pH range is from 3-14. They can be sterilized or autoclaved. Other unique features include extremely low extractables, no surfactants & naturally hydrophilic. Four grades of pore sizes are available viz 0.22, 0.45, 0.8 & 1.2 microns. They are available in various diameters.


  • Absolute filtration.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • Non fiber releasing.
  • Well defined maximum pore size.
  • Heat & chemical resistant.
  • Extremely low extractable.
  • Naturally hydrophilic.


Sterilisation Autoclavable at 121°C for 5 cycles.
Diameters Are available in diameters of 13, 25, 47, 90, 142 & 293 mm
Max. oper. temperature 80°C continuous
Max. oper. pressure 3 Kg/ cm2
Biosafety Passes the biological tests for class VI plastics as described in USP
Extractables with water Within limits as specified in USP
Oxidizable matter Passes as per USP


Type Pore Size Wetting fluid Bubble Point Water Flow (ml/ min/ cm)
      Psi Kg/ Cm2  
NN 0.22μ Water 52 3.65 12
NN 0.45μ Water 35 2.32 38
NN 0.8μ Water 14 0.98 125
NN 1.2μ Water 12 0.65 185

  • Sterilization of injectable, sterility testing
  • HPCL solvents & sample filtration
  • Microbiological and life science experiments