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PTFE Membrane Disc Filter Paper

PTFE Membrane Disc Filter Paper

SS Filters PTFE membranes are chemically stable and inert. They are suitable for applications involving aggressive organic solvents, strong acids and alkalies. PTFE membranes are particularly suitable for preparing samples for HPLC analysis. The hydrophobic nature of the membrane also has applications for air and gas sterilization. The membrane is laminated on to a non woven polypropylene support web for improved strength and handling and can be used at temperatures upto 120ºC.

PTFE is the membrane of choice for use with aggressive solvents, liquids and gases that can attack other membranes.



  • Absolute filtration.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • Non fiber releasing.
  • Well defined maximum pore size.
  • Heat & chemical resistant.
  • Extremely low extractable.
  • Naturally hydrophobic.
  • Must be prewetted with ethanol or methanol for products containing water.


Media Expanded PTFE membrane with PP support layer
Colour White
Max. oper. temperature 120°C continuous
Max. oper. pressure 3 Kg/ cm2
Sterilisation Autoclavable at 121°C or with ethylene oxide
Bubble point 14.5 psi with IPA for 0.2 microns 10 psi with IPA for 0.45 microns

One of the major applications for PTFE membrane is the clarification of corrosive solvents and aggressive fluids. Air & gas sterilization make use of the hydrophobic characteristics of PTFE membrane and their ability to stop aqueous aerosols. Usual pore sizes are 0.2 & 0.45 microns.

  • HPCL solvents & sample filtration
  • Sterile venting of vacuum manifolds, fermenting vessels
  • Sterile filtrate tanks & containers