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Seed Germination Paper

Seed Germination Paper

Seed Germination paper is a speciality paper used as a substratum in the seed germination test. This paper should be free of toxicity, evenly finished and should be free from bacteria and fungi.

Germination count is the main quality parameter for any type of seed to test the viability, vigor and its physical appearance. Seed germination paper ensures optimal moisture content for the most diverse types of seeds and germination forms. This paper features excellent wet strength and its special structure prevents the seed roots from growing through.


SS Filters seed germination paper is known for its quality and reliability. Besides, the properties mentioned above, it also has high absorbent capacity and comes in standard specification of 5-7 pH range with good bursting strength.

This paper can be supplied in different formats and in customized shapes and sizes for testing seeds according to guidelines given by International Seed Test Association (ISTA)


  • Good wet strength.
  • It can hold good quantity of moisture.
  • Chemical free, tear and heat resistant.
  • Available in brown and white shades in sheet form.


Name of Product Surface Colour Basic Weight GSM Size in cms Packing Qty
Seed Germination Paper, Type SGPJ-80 Plain White 80 GSM 60X60, 19X13, 1105X11.5 100pcs/pack, 100pcs/ pack 100pcs/ pack
Seed Germination Paper, Type SGPK-125 Crepe Brown 125 GSM 60X60, 30X45 100pcs/ pack 100pcs/ pack
Seed Germination Paper, Type SGPK-145 Crepe Brown 145 GSM 60X60 30X45 100pcs/ pack 100pcs/ pack

Note: Sizes as per customer specifications can also be given.

  • Seed Germination
  • Tough, Smooth Paper for lengthy germination time
  • Agricultural Research applications
  • Can be used as a filter in lab, schools and nurseries.