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Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

Although Reverese Osmosis (RO) seems a complex system it is really a simple and straightforward water filtration process. The most important points to remember are:

  • All RO systems work the same way.
  • Most RO systems look alike.
  • All RO systems have the same basic components.
  • The real difference is the quality of the filter and membranes inside the RO.

System Components:

Basket strainers feature top removal of RO system consists of the following basic components:

  • Feed water supply unit.
  • Pretreatment system.
  • High pressure pumping unit.
  • Instrumentation and control system.
  • Permeate treatment ( If needed)
  • Cleaning unit.

The main RO unit consists of a stand supporting the feed water tank( if needed), prefiltration system, high pressure pump and RO module. Control panel consists of mechanical and electrical control systems. RO system design is shown in attached drawing.

How the RO system work

RO is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids such as salts are removed from a solution such as water. The RO membrane module allows only the water to pass through not the impurities or contaminants.

These impurities and contaminants are flushed along part of feed water as reject. The factors that affect the performance of RO system are:

  • Incoming water pressure.
  • Water temperature.
  • Type and amount of TDS in the feed water.
  • The quality of the filter and membrane used in the system.

These factors are taken into consideration while designing the RO system for a particular application/ requirement. RO systems are in use from last several years. There is considerable information available for running, maintaining and proper use of RO system. It is expected that system will run smoothly if maintained well as per laid down procedure.