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Safe & Economical Drinking Water

Safe & Economical Drinking Water

Safe & economical drinking water system is designed by SS Filters Pvt Ltd for small communities in rural areas or Ashramshala type of schools where students are staying at the same place. Here people cannot afford costly POU ( Point of Use) water systems. The inlet water may be from a bore well, open well or near by river or pond.

The possible contaminants in water are:
Particulate matter, turbidity, smell, colour & bacteria
Bacteria is the most dangerous contaminant in water.


A typical small community has drinking water requirement of 2500L/day for about 500 persons.
The System is designed in such a way that it needs little maintenance which can be taken care by the community itself.

The plant can take care of the following 3 parameters:
Removal of particulate matter & turbidity- cartridge filter
Removal of Smell & colour- Carbon bed.
Removal of Bacteria- UV light

The designed system is shown in the basic drawing.

The system essentially consists of four steps:

Step 1-
Sediment filtration: Sediment filter captures dirt, rust, silt and other particulate matter. Basically this stage helps to protect the next stage filter from fouling or clogging by large particles.

Step 2-
Activated carbon filter: Activated carbon can be made from coal, wood or coconut shell and is activated by adding positive charge which enhances the absorption and reduction of contaminants such as color, smell and pesticides.

Step 3-
Polishing filter: Polishing filter removes fine particles which are carried forward. This polishing filter helps in keeping the water clean and transparent to UV light of next stage.

Step 4-
UV light: UV light is the heart of clean water system. UV system can destroy almost all the micro organisms without adding chemicals or changing the water taste or odor. UV light has proven to be a quick, reliable and cost effective method of disinfecting water at point of use. This method has approval of the United States FDA as a safe and effective water purification method.