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Welded Wedge Wire Products

Welded Wedge Wire Products

Welded wedge wire products are the most reliable, long lasting and maintenance free filter media. It consists of V shaped wire which is welded on to support rods. The 'V' shaped wire while welding to the support rod is controlled very accurately, as it forms the slot through which the filtrate flows. These welded wedge wire products which can be in the form of tube or rectangular pieces can replace conventional media like wire mesh cloth.


Wedge wire comes in various forms: flat panels, curved panels, discs, drums & also in cylinder form known as a "tube". Wedge wire is especially successful where strength and accuracy is required. The property of wedge wire itself leads to maintenance free situations & high pressure applications. Wedge wire is unique in that its design assists the screen to clear & is less likely to peg or blind.


  • Non-clogging, self supported and rigid.
  • Reliable and consistent filtration rating with long life.
  • Easy to clean with smooth filtering surface.


Sr.No Basic Type Different Forms
1. Candle and basket type Filter candle, cartridges and conical baskets
2. Bends and screen type Curved bends/ DSM Screens/ Sieve bends- wire type
3. Nozzle type Nozzles/ Resin traps/ Spargers

  • The Food and Beverage Industries
  • Water Treatment and Water Clarification
  • Mining and Quarrying- Minerals and Aggregates
  • Chemicals, Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical and other industrial applications

  • Non- clogging: The continuous slot formed by the V-shaped surface wires ensures a two point contact between the particles and the slot which minimizes clogging.
  • Precise slot sizes are available to meet customer's requirements.
  • The V-shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing.
  • Low pressure drop & strong construction: For most applications, the wedge wire screen is self supporting because of the welding at each intersection.